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Amber is a natural gemstone still cherished by many people.

It is a fossilized resin, which comes from old trees. There is no clear understanding as to why trees produce this resin, but

it is thought that it might be part of the  plants protection mechanism.  Due to the process of oxidation and polymerisation

this resin turns into Amber over many years time.   Large rivers wash out this resin from the forest ground into the sea where Amber is being collected.


Amber is not only being used to make jewelry, but also it is added as an ingredient to perfumes, folk medicine for healing

properties. Over the years it was believed to have magical powers. The history of this gemstone dates back to even

11,000 B.C.  Amber has been found in archaeological sites. Most of the real Amber that is found today is between

30 and 90 million years old.


To read more about the health benefits of Amber please click on this link

Poland has been renowned for amber and amber jewelry for millenniums. Already in Roman times amber has been coveted as jewelry, and for a while it's value exceeded that of gold. Amber jewelry though have conformed to set ways for centuries. It has been mostly paired with silver, or featured solo, be it in necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, or complete sets of amber jewelry. The amber nuggets were processed in set way, into large chunks of amber, and then set or embellished with silver to create an amber necklace, or an amber bracelet, or ring. In the last twenty years, after the fall of Communism in Poland, a new group of young amber artist has emerged and revolutionized amber jewelry. Using untraditional material to pair them with the amber nuggets, they offer amber necklaces with using steel, tin, stainless steel, leather cords, or twine They combine in pendants wild wood sandwiched between amber nuggets. Or make amber rings, bracelets, and pendants using enamel techniques borrowed from such revered artists like Faberge. Even the amber itself they employ to create their treasures is of a different vein. Sometimes they will heat the amber and cool it off fast to create a translucent amber pendant, with the inclusions and air bubbles appearing like clouds enclosed by the amber pendant. The amber necklaces are made of nuggets cut in geometric shapes, cubes, balls, triangles. Sometimes amber nuggets of different colors are heated together and cooled creatin marbleize amber. Some of the artist then will shape it like logs, others will create necklaces with silver square strung on a wire with an amber nugget of differencing color embedded in each silver square, at every move and turn the amber necklace will be a slightly different, as the order of the squares changes constantly. There are amber necklaces of small nuggets inlaid in enamel solution, each necklace and bracelet, one of a kind. One of our artist creates amazing amber earring, by hanging the tiny beads on graduated silver chains that move as the body move, in a magical rhythmic flow. Even the use of silver in the amber jewelry have been modified. Many times it's brushed silver instead of the traditional shiny silver, or oxidized. The wonderful amber jewelry this artist creates, be it amber earrings, amber necklaces, pendants, or pins, or cufflinks, is more than just jewelry it is wearable art.